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50x Detailed ChatGPT Prompts



Get Detailed Custom CHATGPT Prompts created by a Professional Prompt Engineer emailed to you with up to 3 revisions (as long as it’s on the same topic as the first request).

Within just 48 hours of purchase, you’ll have prompts tailored to your needs. Simply submit the keywords you want your prompts to be based upon, and let our experts do the rest. Elevate your AI interactions and creative projects today!

Example key words – “Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare.”

With these keywords, our Professional Prompt Engineer will create a custom CHATGPT prompt that could be something like:

“Explore the revolutionary advancements of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Discuss the potential benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations of AI applications in the medical field. Dive deep into topics such as predictive analytics, diagnostic accuracy, and patient care optimization. Feel free to ask any questions or seek insights into this fascinating intersection of technology and healthcare.”

This is just an example, and the actual prompt you receive will be tailored to your specific keywords and preferences.